The Flexible Plan: The Rococo in Contemporary Art: Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Germany

23 September 2018 - 6 January 2019
Group Exhibitions

Photo by Florian Rehn

Morsbroich Castle, whose walls are home to the Morsbroich Museum since its founding in 1951, was built during the Rococo period and extended in Neo-Rococo style.

Rococo was the art style that characterized the 18th century from the Regency (1715-1723) to the end of the reign of Louis XV. (1774) dominated. Nevertheless, his achievements are almost forgotten and are often described with derogatory adjectives: sweet, sweet, artificial, pompous, playful, etc. His triumphant advance of France over the whole of Europe, its temporal collapse and its integration with the Enlightenment as well as its historical and artistic power of expression They are often overlooked in the most recent contemporary art.

The exhibition The Flexible Plan, Rococo in contemporary art will examine the survival of European grandeur in contemporary art. The keyword "plan" is reminiscent of the regularity of the Baroque, from which the Rococo emanated to break it up in the figure of the Rocaille - a C-shaped or S-shaped plant or shell shape. It embodies the flexibility and sleekness of this style, which has penetrated into all areas of art and culture.

Against this rich cultural background unfolds the exhibition The Flexible Plan. The rococo in contemporary art is a varied panorama of works. The historical building stock of the castle is understood as a partner and a playful counterpart for the artworks.

With works byLeonor Antunes, Awst & Walther, Cornelia Badelita, Karla Black, Thierry Boutemy, Glenn Brown, Alice Channer, Edith Dekyndt, Anke Eilergerhard, Katharina Grosse, Jeppe Hein, Rachel Kneebone, Alexei Kozhkarov, Anri Sala, Markus Schinwald, Anj Smith, Pia Stadtbäumer

Curators of the exhibition are Heike van den Valentyn and Stefanie Kreuzer.

At the opening of the exhibition on Sunday, September 23, 12 o'clock, you are warmly invited to the Hall of Mirrors of Museum Morsbroich.