COOL PLACE: Collection Scharpff: Contemporary Art Museum in Stuttgart, Germany

26 July - 16 November 2014
Group Exhibitions

The important Ute and Rudolf Scharpff collection of paintings and sculpture on view in Stuttgart.

Glenn Brown's The Life Here After, 2011

installed at in COOL PLACE: Collection Scharpff, Contemporary Art Museum in Stuttgart, Germany

Image courtesy StudioPoe Limited

Ute and Rudolf Scharpff began collecting contemporary art in the 1960s. In order to make their collection accessible for the public, the Stuttgart couple entered into a close collaboration with four German museums six years ago. Since then, the Hamburger Kunsthalle, the Kunstmuseum Bonn, the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, and the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart have had works from a so-called "open depot" at their disposal and could show them as supplements to their own collection or in special exhibitions. Now, the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is devoting a large exhibition to the main focus of the Scharpff collection, painting.

The Scharpff Collection compromises important aspects of current painting, ranging from abstract and figurative to conceptual approaches. It includes examples of Neorealism, as well as works influenced by Appropriation Art, Constructivism, and Op-Art.

On view will be over sixty keyworks, with numerous large scale pieces by Glenn Brown, André Butzer, Günther Förg, Philip Guston, Jeff Koons, Beatriz Milhazes, Albert Oehlen, Neo Rauch, Daniel Richter, Bridget Riley, Julian Schnabel, and Christopher Wool. The selection will be supplemented from sculptures by Glenn Brown, Jeff Koons, and Rebecca Warren, as well as films from Darren Almond that highlight the impact of painterly modes of expression in other media.