Reportrait: Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery

27 May - 10 September 2017
Group Exhibitions

Glenn Brown will be presenting four paintings in Reportrait, including a painting after Jean-Baptiste Grueze on exhibition for the first time.


Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery


Photo credit John Hartley | Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery

The Object is Alive* has invited British artist Matthew Darbyshire to develop a new exhibition that actively engages with the museum and its collection, and is influenced by the work of Polish artist and theatre maker Tadeusz Kantor, who was interested in the role and status of the object. Matt has reimagined 14 objects from Nottingham Castle's collections - including 18th century Wedgwood, 20th century studio pottery, modernist sculpture and even a grenade from the Regimental Museum. By playing with scale and devising new materials and techniques, including experimenting with different concrete formulas, he will create a series of new works for the Castle. 'Matthew Darbyshire's work critically examines the language of design, sculpture and our relationship to lived environments. The artist explores the concept of collecting, not only in terms of an institutional critique, but also the way we amass objects for the home, shop or office and what these objects say about us.' [Manchester Art Gallery] This is the first in a series of exhibitions that actively explore the role of object as discussed in Kantor's writing and artistic outputs. It will be followed by Mike Cooter working with New Walk Museum (Winter 2017), Leicester and Giles Round at Derby Museum and Art Gallery (Spring 2018). 


Annie Kevans, Antony Micallef, Glenn Brown, Jake Wood-Evans, James E Smith, Jasleen Kaur, Julie Cockburn, Maisie Broadhead, Matthieu Leger, Samin Ahmadzadeh, Sasha Bowles, Philip Gurrey, Paul Stevenson