Glenn Brown: Fantasy Landscapes, Portraits and Beasts: Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, United Kingdom

16 June - 21 October 2018
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Glenn Brown was born in Hexham, Northumberland, 20 miles from the Laing Art Gallery. Brown is one of the foremost exponents of oil painting today, citing the medium itself as one of the main subjects of his work. His trademark use of art history as the basis for hybridised paintings references John Martin (1789 - 1854) and Frank Auerbach (b. 1931), both artists represented prominently in the Laing collection.

Glenn Brown: Fantasy Landscapes, Portraits and Beasts

Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, England

Photo by Jack Cornish

Returning to his North East roots, Glenn Brown has reimagined the Laing permanent collection in this dramatic exhibition that highlights traditional subjects that are present in many public art collections. These reoccurring subjects include people, landscapes, animals, self-portraiture and still life. The juxtaposition of contemporary and historic art generates a conversation that is evocative and in some cases surprising.


John Martin and Edwin Landseer (1802 - 1973) dominate the display. These 19th century painters have been a tremendous influence on Brown's practice and the three are now displayed together for the first time. Alongside these key influences, the artist has also chosen works that he admires by other artists such as Mabel Greenberg (1889 - 1933) and Louisa Hodgson (1905 - 1980).


Curated by the artist, together with Julie Milne, Chief Curator at the Laing, and Rebecca Gee, Curator, generously supported by the Friends of the Laing Art Gallery. 


in 2017, the artwork In the end we all succumb to the pull of the molten core by Glenn Brown was kindly donated to the collection as part of the Contemporary Art Society’s Great Works scheme, with the support of the artist and the Sfumato Foundation.