Comeback. Art-Historical Renaissances: Kunsthalle Tubingen, Germany

20 July - 10 November 2019
Group Exhibitions

Times of upheaval create a desire for orientation in the past. Accordingly, everything historical in our present economy: In the advertising, fashion and film world, the "old" as the authentic in opposition to a mass-produced unity culture in position and often transfigured nostalgic.

COMEBACK: Art-Historical Renaissances

Kunsthalle Tubingen

Photo Ulrich Metz

Art history is also making a comeback in the visual arts. While in the 1980s the artists cited traditions of the 20th century as "appropriation art", for some years now an orientation towards old masters and art historical techniques has been evident.


Artists not only copy and alienate paintings from bygone eras but also respond more freely and playfully to the "mnemic energies" (Aby Warburg) stored in ancient works. Not infrequently, they try to visualize the collective heritage through performative strategies as well as through photographic and cinematic media for the present.


The exhibition project presents the art-historical renaissances in an overview exhibition and documents them in an extensive catalog volume.


CURATOR: Nicole Fritz


(museum overview) photo credit: Roland Halbe