Things: A history of still life since prehistoric times: Louvre Museum, Paris

13 October 2022 - 23 January 2023
Group Exhibitions

The last major event around Still Life from Antiquity to the 20th Century was organized in 1952 in Paris by Charles Sterling. The exhibition Les Choses pays homage to this great art historian, updating the point of view and integrating everything that has renewed our perspectives, both in the history of ancient and contemporary art, in literature, poetry, philosophy, archaeology, botany or ecology.


Expanding chronological and geographical boundaries, the exhibition will open windows to other cultures that have depicted things in majesty. It will invite contemporary artists who are inspired by their predecessors by changing our view of the past. Long discredited, the genre of the still life must be reconsidered in favour of our growing attachment to things as well as to the new relationships that are established between the living and the non-living.



Laurence Bertrand‚ÄźDorléac, university professor
Dimitri Salmon, scientific collaborator in the Department of Paintings at the Louvre Museum

An original illustrated 600-page catalogue will accompany this international exhibition.