“Dreamsongs” - From Medicine to Demons to Artificial Intelligence: Colnaghi, London

28 September - 27 November 2020
Group Exhibitions

We are proud to present Colnaghi's Autumn exhibition 'Dreamsongs : from Medicine to Demons to Artificial Intelligence'. Curated by Bjorn Stern for Frieze London, 2020, the exhibition includes an exciting and diverse array of works.

'Dreamsongs' explores the interpretation of dreams throughout art history with the display of pieces from antiquity to the present day, including works by Henry Fuseli, John Anster Fitzgerald, Max Ernst, Odilon Redon, Peter Blake and Salvador Dali. The exhibition is a timely opportunity for us to escape the surreal present and explore the furthest reaches of the dream world, of fantasy and of the imagination.
Highlights will be available to view via the Frieze digital viewing room, and we are delighted to be able to show the exhibition in full at Colnaghi's London gallery at 26 Bury Street. We look forward to welcoming you. To ensure your safe visit, please be in touch with us to book ahead or book an appointment.

Colnaghi London

Founded in 1760, Colnaghi is one of the oldest commercial art galleries in the world with an unmatched history. From the late nineteenth century, Colnaghi became the leading dealership of Old Master paintings, selling masterpieces to the greatest collectors and museums of the gilded age. The only major commercial gallery to specialise in artworks from antiquity through to the modern era, Colnaghi handles unique objects from the Ancient World, the finest Old Masters and Modern masterpieces. With galleries and experts in London, New York, and Madrid,