Glenn Brown: Mark's Club, London

10 - 31 October 2023
Solo Exhibitions
In celebration of Frieze week, Glenn Brown exhibits a curated selection of works at The Garden Room, Mark’s Club in London.
Photo courtesy Mark's Club
Brown reimagines the masterpieces of titans ranging from Rembrandt to Renoir with tongue firmly in cheek as he takes reproductions of other artists’ works - including those by Old Masters and transforms them by changing their colour, position and size. "Most importantly, I aspire for individuals to delve into the annals of art history and grasp the profound wonder it encapsulates, appreciating the boundless creativity of artists throughout the ages. It's awe-inspiring to witness the diverse evolution of art across centuries and how it continues to resonate profoundly in our contemporary times," shares Glenn Brown. Over breakfast, Brown engaged with Members and guests, reflecting upon his post-structuralist approach and the ongoing exhibition at The Brown Collection.