AZERTY: A primer around the Limousin FRAC collections: Centre George Pompidou, Paris

18 March - 14 May 2001
Group Exhibitions

The Pompidou Centre continues to reflect on the significant activities affecting the different territories of contemporary art.

Focusing on different practices related to performance, the "dematerialization of the art object," as the language games, the Regional Contemporary Art Fund (FRAC) Limousin has been important sets of works artists deliberately ignored the usual classifications of the world of contemporary art. 

Each letter of the alphabet is a "folder" you want to resonate with the guidelines of the collection. This will allow a rigorous and specific exploration of the issues that everyone is entitled to ask, from the collected works.


This event is designed in close cooperation with the Regional Fund for Contemporary Art (FRAC) Limousin.


Curator: Mnam / Bcc, Paul F. and AM Gingeras

South Gallery - Centre Pompidou, Paris