Joy Division

Glenn Brown, Lavinia Greenlaw & Michael Bracewell
Glenn Brown, Lavinia Greenlaw & Michael Bracewell, 2017
Publisher: Enitharmon Press
ISBN: 9781911253334
Dimensions: 41 x 29.7 x 1 cm
In this beautifully conceived artist’s book, the paintings and drawings of Glenn Brown referencing the meteoric career of Ian Curtis and Joy Division are brought together with specially written texts by the novelist Michael Bracewell and the poet Lavinia Greenlaw.

Both writers are perfectly attuned not only to the haunting music of Joy Division but also to Brown’s artwork.

The book begins with Bracewell’s essay, which describes the iconic musical intensity and profound romanticism of Joy Division. His essay is entitled ‘Licht and Blindheit’ from the last Joy Division record to be released during Curtis’s lifetime.

Greenlaw’s poetry reflects on the impact of Curtis’s death and of Joy Division’s music on a 1970s adolescence. Her poems are interspersed with reproductions of Brown’s paintings which are inspired by Joy Division’s lyrics and music.


Glenn Brown also contributes a spectacular sequence of new drawings, made specifically as a visual introduction to this book and as a meditation on the band’s legacy. The hardbound front cover is enveloped in a screen-print which reflects the fragile beauty synonymous with Joy Division.


Joy Division has been designed by Peter Willberg and printed in Germany by Plitt GmbH. It is set in Monotype Perpetua and Berthold Corporate and printed on 200gsm Gardamatt Art, 175gsm Colorplan Real Grey and 215gsm Gardacover Hifi.


This is the regular edition of 400 signed and numbered copies.


Edition size: 400
Published: June 2017
Medium: Artist’s Limited Edition Book
Dimensions: 41 x 29.7 x 1 cm
ISBN: 9781911253334

*Finalist for the British Book Design & Production Award 2017