Glenn Brown: We'll Keep On Dancing Till We Pay the Rent

Gagosian Gallery New York
Texts by Andrew Winer and curator Massimiliano Gioni in conversation with the artist, 2023
Hardback 86 pages
Publisher: Gagosian New York
ISBN: 978-0-8478-7406-4
Dimensions: 33 x 27 cm

This book was published on the occasion of the exhibition Glenn Brown: We'll Keep On Dancing Till We Pay the Rent at Gagosian 541 West 24th Street, New York in the autumn of 2022.


GB So this is the first show I'm doing where all of the paintings are based on old master drawings. Quite a few of them are double images. Multiple old master drawings have been overlaid onto each other, and from these I create a quite complex line drawing on panel, which I then paint over.

MG The brushwork is very different in these paintings.

GB Yes, I build up the illusion of a three-dimensional impasto that appears to be paint strokes created with large stiff brushes, but now I'm inventing the brush marks. Previously I would simulate the brushstrokes: the brushwork was a careful trompe l'oeil simulation of the original painting I was taking as a model or as an inspiration. But now that drawings are the source, I'm completely inventing the brushstrokes. So structurally, the paintings are very different from the paintings at the last show in New York. The way they're created is very different; both the preparatory work and the construction of the texture itself are different. My previous work could be described as altered photorealist paintings of paintings. Now, I am simultaneously constructing and inventing paintings of paintings.


Glenn Brown and Massimiliano Gioni, ‘The Taste of Others: Glenn Brown in conversation with Massimiliano Gioni’, in Glenn Brown: We'll Keep On Dancing Till We Pay the Rent, Gagosian New York 2023, p. 5.