Flatness: White Conduit Projects, London

1 September - 1 October 2020
Group Exhibitions
***This exhibition has been postponed for the Autumn, 2020. Actual dates to be decided***
Japanese flatness was famously influential on post-impressionist western art, and the modern Japanese ‘Superflat’ movement repurposes that tradition as a means of critiquing the shallow emptiness of consumer culture, so it makes particular sense that this is an Anglo-Japanese collaboration, bringing together artists from Europe and Japan.  The title comes from the cult Victorian novel ‘Flatland’ by Edwin A. Abbott, which presents the possibilities of worlds in which there are one, two or four dimensions rather than three. 
The curators are planning to exhibit work by Hannah Hughes, Michael Craig-Martin, Sinta Werner, Glenn Brown, Rana Begum, Sachin Kaeley, Andrea V Wright, Kate Groobey, Yuichiro Tamura, Yuuki Hourichi, Miho Sato, Takashi Murakami. Yoshimoto Nara and some floating world prints.
Curated by Paul Carey-Kent and Yuki Miyake